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Monks & Co is an online menswear clothing store with a shop on Swan Street in West Malling, Kent. The Monks & Co store reflects everything we believe in, providing a relaxed environment, awesome interior and superb service. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest mens Religion Clothing, Pearly King Clothes, Mi-PAC bags and Bellfield menswear among other brands in our newly refurbished store.

We are big fans of the Great British High Street and strong advocates of ‘keeping it local’ and supporting our country’s quintessential infrastructure. High Streets used to be the hub of life for villages and towns with shops offering personalised service and impeccable product knowledge. It's these values that Monks & Co install into our shop and are so passionate to support local.

Here just the top reasons why you should support your local community…

Buy local & support yourself

Studies have shown that when you buy from locally owned businesses, rather than nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money stays in the community. Independent stores will reinvest into local service providers and farms which continues to strengthen the economic base of the community. Locally owned businesses tend to do business locally, advertise in local newspapers and purchase local services. Each time that money is being reinvested and almost acts as a new income into your local economy making it a nicer place to live.  

Keeping our heritage

Where we shop, eat and socialise all make our community our home. Independent stores build up the character and diversity of our town making it a more interesting place to live. But you have to support them to keep the heritage and atmosphere alive.

Create more jobs

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally! So the more we shop locally means the more jobs are created locally. Strong employment helps the community and economy. 

Simply the best

Local businesses tend to hire people with a better understanding of products, local knowledge and more passionate about their roles. They often take more time to get to know customers and build up a relationship with them because they genuinely care about giving a premium service.