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Have you just got one pair of shoes for work, and another for the weekends? Well, it's time to mix things up and refresh your collection with some men's Chelsea boots. At Monks Clothing, we love Chelsea boots because they'll look equally good with your best suit, or with a pair of jeans. We've got suede and leather options, available in a range of colours. Pick out your favourite.

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

There are few shoes as versatile as a good pair of men’s Chelsea boots. One day you’ll be wearing them to an important meeting at work, and the next you’ll be putting them on to impress at a first date. They’ll also see you through the seasons, as stylish on a winter walk as drinks on a summer evening.

What’s more, when you shop with Monks Clothing, you can be sure you’re buying great quality shoes. We only stock the brands and products we love, and they’re the ones that meet our high standards. Our team of buyers look into the design, materials and manufacturing to decide if they’re good enough for you, our customers.

That range of brands includes Hudson. Once you’ve got a pair of Hudson’s shoes, you’ll be a fan for life. Their collection is both desirable and durable. Plus, they bring a bit of innovation to footwear design so you can get your hands on shoes with a twist on traditional styles.

Not sure what men’s boots to go for? At Monks Clothing, we’re passionate about fashion and customer service. We’ll always be happy to help with your queries. For example, if you were wondering whether a pair of shoes come up small or large in terms of sizing, we’ll be able to tell you. That’s because we get to know brands and products, only stocking those we love and know will please our customers.

Start browsing with us today and rediscover what it’s like to be shopping with a company run by people, not computers.