With the festive season fast approaching, the thoughts of every style-conscious individual will be turning to the Christmas party. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or ooze understated style, it’s a great opportunity to exert your fashion credentials. 

Or, if you’re somewhat of a novice when it comes to great style, it can be your worst nightmare. You’ve got a solid work wardrobe that you rely on for the daily grind, but wouldn’t have a clue how to impress at a work do. Either way, we’re here to help with our complete guide of what to wear to a Christmas party.

With plenty of great outfit ideas to act as your inspirational springboard for looking the part, you’ll be ready to let off some steam and enjoy yourself.


What to wear for evening Christmas parties

Evening events are the perfect opportunity to dress up. Put the effort in and don’t rely on the same Christmas jumper you’ve worn three years in a row. Just because you know the tunes will be tacky, doesn’t mean you should be too. You’ll thank yourself when you walk in and your colleagues take notice. What’s more, with the right outfit, you’ll be ready for your social endurance to be put to the test. 



A blazer is a great choice for men – especially if your normal office wear is more casual. It’s an opportunity to move away from your daily uniform; choosing something you’d wear to work won’t cut it. You want to stand out without standing out – in other words, master understated style. This green overcheck blazer from Raging Bull would do just the thing.

You can’t go wrong by teaming it with a shirt, but it’s good to mix it up a bit. A lightweight knit will keep you snug and stylish – try this cream jumper from Luke 1977. Roll necks are a popular choice too. For a sophisticated colour palette, this grey one would look great with a blue blazer.

If you’d rather stick to traditional style when deciding what to wear to a Christmas party, there are plenty of shirts to express a bit of personality. This shirt from Claudio Lugli, although black, has flashes of colour which pop out from the inner botanical print. You can get it in white too.

For something a bit louder, they do a show-stopping shirt with pin-up girl print or Raging Bull have a great floral shirt. Being braver with your style choices is a sure way of showing you’re committed to the evening’s festivities.

More than anything, though, you’ve got to be comfortable in what you wear – for however long you stay. If you’d rather something more muted, this Luke 1977 shirt is a gorgeous burgundy, perfect for the festive season. Add a stylish waistcoat – such as this tan herringbone one – for a refined touch. It will also suck in your stomach a bit, so you’ve got more room for the all-important second helpings. What’s more, with a waistcoat, you can ditch the tie and still look sharp.


"The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress." - Ashton Kutcher 


Now the top half is sorted, your attention should turn to the rest of your outfit. Jeans would look great with any of the above – just opt for black for optimum smartness. We love this pair from Luke 1977. Alternatively, you could go for dark indigo – this style has been created out of stretch fabric for the most comfortable wear.

During the festive season, you’re bound to be heading to family get-togethers, dinner parties and endless pub trips, so it’s great to have items that will work for more than one event. When your calendar is as full as your present wish list, you’ve got to know your key pieces and refresh them with new additions. A good pair of jeans is a man’s best friend during this time, perfect for both smart and casual occasions.

Equally valuable for winter are a decent pair of boots. Hudson’s Greenham boots come in tan and black – with punched detailing, they’re like a brogue boot. They’re also finished with a rubber sole, so you can be safe in the knowledge you’ll have a bit of extra grip when it’s cold and you’ve inevitably had one too many at the Christmas party.

We also love a Chelsea boot and are huge fans of this sand pair from Hudson. Comfy and smart, they’ll be your go-to shoe throughout the colder weather.




A great party dress is one of life’s simple pleasures. And when choosing what to wear for a Christmas party, you cannot beat a little black dress (LBD). But you know there are going to be a few floating around the room – so you want yours to stand out. The answer to your problem comes in this Lavish Alice tuxedo dress. With boned bodice and tailored details, it’s sure to make a lasting impression.

The ever-popular brand is delivering loads of great dresses this season. Their bodycon midi dress is crafted from delicate semi-lined cornelli fabric which features a three-dimensional corded pattern on a mesh canvas. It’s perfect for creating that elusive hour glass shape.

We also love their lace dresses when you’re looking to impress at a Christmas party. Although the little black dress has earned its place as a party wear essential, this comes in black – and emerald green.

The jewel-toned colour is decadent, perfect for festive celebrations. With long sleeves to keep you warm, it’s a great choice. Team either colour with a pair of killer heels and a throw-over coat and you’re ready to go. Now, that’s how you make a showstopping entrance.


"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in." - Paris Hilton


Whilst mastering the art of work-to-evening dressing is a valuable life skill in itself, it really pays off during the festive season. Choosing clothes that will be comfy throughout the day, but with sufficient evening-out-worthy details is no easy task. We’re here to help make your outfit work 9-5, as well as 5-9 and beyond.

Plus, if pretending to be fabulous and cheerful isn’t your thing, black skinny jeans, a stylish jumper and little black boots could inject just the right amount of subtle festivity. Try these ICHI jeans, patterned Bellfield jumper and heeled boots from Hudson for a ready-to-go combination.

You can split them up to wear again and you don’t have to agonise over the tights/no tights issue – an all-round easy choice.

Another go-to option is a jumpsuit. When they first came to the fashion world’s attention around 2009, some people thought they’d soon disappear as a fad. Not the case. Every season, great new styles emerge and the jumpsuit has firmly asserted its importance.

So affirm your fashion credentials, opt for a stylish jumpsuit – such as this one from ICHI with zip detail – and top your outfit off with a lip stain. A foolproof choice every time, a jumpsuit will make you feel fabulous at a moment’s notice. 

You’ll soon be filling your wardrobe with them, as they’re perfect for office-to-evening wear.


What to wear for daytime Christmas parties 

Just as not every party calls for a dress, not every Christmas party involves an evening event. More and more, offices are organising casual daytime parties to celebrate the festive season. With events such as ice-skating, touch football and bowling, there’s no need to dress up. So take a break from the season’s sparkles and opt for casual style.



A daytime Christmas party generally means facing the elements. In that case, layers will be your best friend. Wear jumpers, jackets and scarves that can easily be removed if things get a bit competitive and you break a sweat.

We love this black and white knit scarf and hat combo from Luke 1977 (also a great Christmas present idea). Team them with a rollneck – like this navy one – and a lighter pair of jeans, then you’ll be ready to go.



The jumper and jean combination will serve you well for all kinds of daytime Christmas parties. This Bellfield jumper has a texture so soft, you won’t want to take it off. Knitted from a super soft fluffy eyelash yarn in a charcoal and white mix, it’s designed for layering up.

And if you need an extra layer, you could take a coat with you. Again, a great brand to go to is Bellfield. Wearing their navy coat with fur trim, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever the event throws at you.




What to wear to recover after the Christmas party 

Now, you can’t treat yourself to a lengthy recovery every time you go out, but you’re entitled to at least one cozy day during the festive season. So if you’ve drunk too much at the work do and want to hide from your colleagues for a bit, take a rest. All you need to know is that recovering requires a certain kind of uniform.


You’ve let off some steam, but now you need to recover. The first step is to get up and shower off the events of last night. You’ll feel a lot better, we promise. Then you can throw on some relaxed chinos – this Freddie style from Luke 1977 have got just the right amount of stretch to be comfy all day long. Put on a polo shirt, get the snacks ready and settle on the sofa.

Finish the casual look with some homeys slippers for when you need to get up and stretch. Or just to get more food from the kitchen.


Homeys do some great feminine patterns too. Team yours with an oversized dress, comfy leggings, and a blanket for snuggling under. We suggest this grey dress from Bellfield for ultimate comfort, without compromising on style. After all, who knows who might knock on the door. You still want to be looking good, even if you’re not feeling great.

"I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style." -Lindsey Wixson

5 top tips for choosing event outfits

Selecting what to wear for a Christmas party should be fun, not stressful. The right clothes should make you look and feel great. To minimise stress, we’ve got five top tips for planning a Christmas party outfit:

  • Try things on at your own pace. Trying things on when you’re stressed or rushed is a sure way of making yourself hate an outfit. Instead, opt for a relaxed environment with helpful opinions, whether that’s ordering online and trying on at home or visiting somewhere like Monks Clothing.

  • Don’t be afraid to wear something you already own. Sometimes, there’s a kind of unspoken pressure to buy something new for an event. But, re-working an outfit and refreshing it with key pieces can be just as effective when you’re creating a great outfit. Try a waistcoat with your usual shirt and chino combination or treat yourself to a new top to team with your favourite jeans, for instance.

  • Always remember accessories. The finishing touches can make all the difference. Although less is normally more, don’t neglect the extras. The right outfit can be ruined by a terrible choice of bag or shoes, for instance.

  • Think practically. Can you walk in those heels? Will you need a coat? What about feeling comfortable if you’re eating? These are all things you’ve got to think about in order to feel great for the whole occasion. Does this outfit make you happy, or not? It's that simple.

  • Don’t go themed. It may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people opt for green and red at Christmas parties. Either you’ll blend into the decorations or the unimaginative guests, so it’s best to avoid anything overly Christmassy.

If you’ve got any style queries – for relaxed outfits or those to make an entrance – you can give us a call or visit our flagship store in West Malling for friendly advice.