Christenings are formal events and a special occasion for families. Memories from such an event will be talked about for years to come. No-one wants to turn up in the wrong outfit and find themselves being the talking point for all the wrong reasons. But deciding what to wear to a christening is a bit of a minefield. Should you wear black? Is it a smart-casual dress code? Are jeans an option? We’re going to solve the problem for you by picking out some great looks you’ll love, as well as giving you some tips on what to wear to church. But first let's deal with some of the frequently asked questions:

Should you wear black to a christening? It's not advisable for women to wear solid black to such an event, although guys can probably get away with a black suit. Just brighten up the outfit with your choice of shirt. If you've got any worries, you can always ask the parents what they think. 

Should men wear ties to christenings? Church events have gradually become more casual over the years, meaning it's generally alright to ditch the tie if you want. 

What do you wear to a communion? The clothes you'd wear to a communion are pretty similar to christening - first and foremost, think smart and formal. But we've got more tips coming up. 

Top tips on what to wear to church

Most christenings take place in church, where there are some accepted guidelines of what and what not to wear. To make sure you show up in something that’s both stylish and appropriate, we’ve gathered some top tips to guide what to wear to your upcoming christening. Follow these basics and you’ll be able to double-check your outfit meets the criteria:

  • Outfits should be modest. Short skirts and low-cut tops are a no-go when you’re dressing for any church event. If you want to make the right impression, make sure your hem hits right on the knee or just below, and check your top isn’t see through or overly revealing.

  • Your shoes matter too. Think you’ll get away with your new over-the-knee boots, or that church is the time to wear your trainers? Think again. You should wear smart shoes – you know the pair you wear those times you want to impress (to meet the in-laws or to a job interview, for instance). Drag them out of the wardrobe.
  • Take a jacket. Churches can be cold places. When you’re thinking about what to wear, make sure you’ve got a suitable jacket to throw over the outfit if needed.
  • Don’t worry about your ‘Sunday best’. Years ago, the outfits you wore to church were clothes that didn’t see the light of day the rest of the week, as they were super formal. We’re talking hats, finely pressed trousers and ties. Luckily, you don’t have to dress as smart anymore. It’s absolutely fine to use the clothes you wear in daily life.
  • What you wear reflects your attitude. In church, your choice of outfit gives off an impression. For example, some people will assume that dressing casually means you’re being disrespectful. That’s not to say they’re right, or everyone will draw these conclusions, but it’s best to err on the side of caution. Think about what your outfit says about you.

When fashion and faith collide, it can be tricky to come up with a stylish outfit. After all, you still want to express some personality and, above everything, look and feel good. That’s why we’ve chosen outfits to wear to a christening that are not only church-appropriate, but also contemporary and trend-setting.

As always, Monks Clothing will keep you looking great – whatever the occasion. Remember to check out our other fashion guides for some more style tips. We’ll help you impress on a first date, create a stand-out autumn wedding look, and give you advice on how to style your jeans, amongst other posts to solve all your fashion dilemmas.

What to wear to a christening: Men

For men, deciding what to wear to a christening should be relatively straightforward. But creating a look that’s noticeably stylish, rather than one which blends into the crowd, is what most people struggle with.

Outfit one: the suave country gentleman

Mastering the popular country style is sure to get you noticed. It’s timeless, but brands have been adding popular but subtle twists for some time now. Check out this great tweed waistcoat, for example. It’s a great example of a traditional style that’s been given a bit of a refresh with a modern shape and buttons, as well as delicate velvet trim. It’s got just the touch of elegance and sophistication you need for a christening outfit.

Put together a complete look by adding the matching blazer and a crisp white shirt. The end result is a refined look that’s guaranteed to impress. What’s more, once you’ve purchased such a combo, you’ve got a versatile pair of garments that you can mix up with other outfits. At Monks Clothing, we love quality clothes that you’ll wear time and time again - that's why we're huge fans of capsule wardrobe essentials.

Outfit two: colourful summer confidence

A lot of christenings take place during the warmer months, so it’s a good idea to have an outfit with a bit of colour. Again, to master summer sophistication, our go-to choice would be an elegant blazer. This Bewley & Ritch light blue blazer is versatile, stylish and offers something a bit different to all those usual church outfits you see.

In this blazer, you could easily attend a christening in the morning and head into town for dinner and drinks in the evening. We suggest teaming it with some smart chinos (dark or sand coloured) for a summer-ready look.

What to wear to a christening: Women

Women tend to worry a bit more planning an outfit. And with the pressure to look glamourous but sophisticated, it’s no surprise. We’re here to help you stop focusing on what other people think, and instead on picking an outfit that will make you look and feel great.

Outfit three: the master of modest glamour

First up, we recommend a failsafe dress and blazer combo. But not just any old dress will do for a christening. You need something that’s modest, without compromising on style. This Lavish Alive blue midi dress fits the bill perfectly.

Crafted from fully-lined stretch cotton ponte with a skirt overlay, it’s comfortable and modest, but also modern and tailored to contour your shape. It’s a dress that proves modest doesn’t have to boring or ill-fitting. Quite the opposite, in fact – it will show off your curves and enhance your silhouette. Not only will you look fantastic, but you’ll be nailing the asymmetry trend with ease.

We recommend adding a blazer over the top – not just to keep you warm, but to add another element of interest to the look. A touch of tailoring never fails to ramp up the style stakes.

Outfit four: gentle tailoring

Talking of tailored style, why not make it the focus of your look? Dresses and skirts are by no means your only option for a christening outfit. Choose some smart trousers and a blouse and you’ll be ready.

Luckily, we’ve got some great blouses to pick from. We love ICHI’s range because they consistently deliver energetic, original designs that will seamlessly fit into the rest of your wardrobe. The brand boasts a trendy vibe, but their designers stick to shapes that fit the feminine form perfectly.

As an example of their effortless style, try out this cream shirt with grey stripe. It’s well-designed with concealed buttons and a subtle V neck, making it the perfect choice for a christening, but also to wear for most other occasions. It’s the sort of shirt you’ll reach for when you’re having a bit of a style dilemma, and need something reliably gorgeous.

What to wear to a christening: Couples

Dressing for an event as a couple is something often overlooked. Of course, it’s not essential to match but planning outfits that complement and coordinate with one another is a sure sign you know what you’re doing when it comes to styling.

Outfit five: coordinated couples

Ladies first. To make it easy for your man, avoid any colours that are too difficult to coordinate with because, let’s face it, you’ll be picking your outfit first. For a look that’s comfortable enough to wear all day, try a shirt dress. What about this gorgeous striped option from ICHI? We love the easy-wear sky blue colour and the mix of vertical and horizontal stripes. It would look fantastic with a duster coat thrown over the top effortlessly – this grey one from Lavish Alice would perfect for completing the look.

To create a complementing men’s christening outfit, stick to similar hues. Luckily, we’ve got some great grey and blue options to choose from. Opt for a darker charcoal blazer (like this option from Luke 1977) and a lighter blue shirt. Alternatively, a light grey blazer would be a great option for multiple occasions – Pearly King offer up a stylish choice. For shirts, try out brands like Bewley and Ritch or Claudio Lugli.

We hope this have given you some inspiration for what to wear for a christening. If you’re still struggling to put together a great look, feel free to contact us. You can also check out our Instagram for more outfit inspiration - below are just a few examples of our recent posts that could be great christening outfits.