As summer rolls around, there’s an excitement building at Monks Clothing. It’s time to come up with holiday outfit ideas. Everyone looks forward to their well-earned holidays – and rightly so. It’s a chance to relax, get away from routine and top up on some much-needed sunshine. Whilst we’ve been trying to get away with our summer clothes already, the British weather isn’t that forgiving.

Summer breaks are an opportunity to ditch the jumpers and coats, update your holiday wardrobe and experiment with new looks. After all, you can’t take all your clothes with you – so choosing outfits is a must when packing. You might as well make those outfits stylish and summer-appropriate.

That’s where we come in. With our holiday outfit ideas, you’ll be able to find all the inspiration you need to put together looks that’ll keep you comfortable in the heat, without compromising on head-turning ability.

Holiday outfit idea one: Patterns

Some people shy away from patterns, unsure of how to style them or simply lacking the confidence to try something new. But what better time to experiment with playful patterns than on holiday?

Men: How to master patterns on holiday

Patterns are the perfect way of injecting some colour into your summer wardrobe. What’s more, you can easily swap patterns in with your normal clothes. With a patterned shirt, for example, you can wear smart chinos or casual summer shorts. Creating fresh, new holiday looks has never been so easy.

Claudio Lugli is one of the first names that comes to mind with patterned shirts. Their bold, colourful and original patterns are a welcomed addition to any stylish men’s collection. Among the range available from Monks Clothing are stand-out floral prints, classic paisley, and unique designs such as this flamingo shirt. You’re sure to turn heads in one of their pieces.

Not everyone’s style is as bold, though. Luckily, patterns come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve got plenty of subtler designs to suit all tastes. Bellfield, for example, have a range of prints – although if we can tempt you to be brave, the palm tree print shirt deserves to be packed into your suitcase asap.

However bold you go, the rest of your outfit should be pretty simple so wear your patterned shirts with something like this pair of Luke 1977 stone tailored chino shorts.

If you’re not feeling confident enough to mix and match yet, why not try out some patterned swimming shorts? It’s the perfect introduction to a trend that endures the test of time, with each new season bringing new innovations

Women: It’s time to brighten up your summer wardrobe

Women tend to be braver when it comes to what to wear. But everyone needs a bit of encouragement to push their comfort zone from time to time. Rather than on accessories or a few token dresses, why not integrate patterns so they’re a key focus of your look?

To make it easy for you, ICHI have come out with this gorgeous floral print. It’s feminine, but bold and modern – unlike dainty, flowery patterns of the past. It’s the type of pattern that commands attention. And luckily for you, they’ve made trousers, a top and a maxi dress in the design.

Holiday outfits aren’t just about the fabrics. It’s about choosing great shapes too. Off-the-shoulder tops are made for warmer weather. Another delight from ICHI, this black and white top is light and floaty, perfect with shorts or a skirt on holiday but just as great with jeans and heels when you’re back in colder conditions at home and want to show off your tan.

Holiday outfit idea two: Stripes

Stripes are a classic pattern that’ll always look great on holiday. Like all good patterns, they’ll add dimension, texture, and visual interest to your outfit.

Timeless, effortless and always stylish, stripes are the go-to design for so many individuals. And rightly so. At Monks Clothing, we love stripes and our collection of menswear and womenswear always has several striped options. We can’t help ourselves.

Men: Don’t shy away from summer stripes

Every well-dressed man’s summer suitcase should contain at least one striped option. Perhaps surprisingly, stripes come in many different forms so – despite what others might tell you – you can never have too many striped tops.

For the cooler summer evenings, we’ve picked out this long-sleeved t-shit from Bellfield. With some smart navy chinos, you’ll be ready to watch the sun set with a beer in hand, looking and feeling great. Treat your feet to the perfect balance of comfort and style with a great pair or loafers (Hudson have fantastic options in leather and suede) that you can kick off for a walk along the shore.

Women: Ooze sophisticated style on holiday

It can be hard to inject sophistication into your holiday wardrobe. It might seem like summer fashion just gets tighter and shorter. But that doesn’t have to be the case. At Monks Clothing, we’re always on the lookout for figure-flattering clothes that keep you comfortable.

We love quality garments like this striped shirt dress from ICHI. The lightweight material is perfect for warmer weather, but it’s flattering and will cover up any sunburnt shoulders if need be. If you’re a fan of oversized shirt dresses, you’ll also love this plain blue option from Lavish Alice. Throw on some summer sandals and sunglasses to be ready for a day’s sightseeing.

Holiday outfit idea three: Try out white jeans

When it comes to holiday outfits, there are some classics which’ll see you through the years. But, for our last idea, we thought we’d give you a bit of encouragement to try something different. After all, we can’t think of a better time to try out white jeans than on holiday.

Men: Give your holiday wardrobe a modern update

The great thing about white jeans is, once you’ve mastered how to style them, they’ll effortlessly fit into your existing wardrobe. They match with a range of colour palettes, and can be casual as well as dressed up. Teamed with a shirt on holiday, they’ll ensure you’re looking your best. We love Luke 1977’s short-sleeved shirts.

Don’t think you can get away with white jeans? Check out our guide on what to wear with jeans to improve your style confidence.

Women: Invest in a new wardrobe favourite

As long as you’re not wearing white jeans at the same time as your other half, you’re onto a good thing. Both ICHI and Bellfield have great options to decide between if you’ve not already got a pair. You can easily wear them with some of the great patterns we’ve already mentioned.

To get the most out of your holiday wardrobe, you’ll want to be able to wear stuff at home too. Luckily, white jeans are great throughout summer – BBQs, pub drinks, or even work.

Fashion should be fun. The more you play around with mixing and matching your clothes, the more you’ll grow in confidence. We’ve only brought a few clothes to your attention, so please do visit us in store or check out the full range online to complete your summer wardrobe. As always, if you’ve got any style queries, we’d be happy to help.