Advice & Links For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Clothes

So, you've read through this guide and decided it's time to have a good clear out of your clothes. Now all that's left to do is sort out your unwanted possessions and ship them off. It shouldn't take too long to get rid of the clothes that have been gathering dust for years on end – be vigorous and make a big effort to clean out your wardrobe. You'll have loads more space afterwards.

Now you have a pile of clothes. What do you do with them?

Useful Links for Recycling, Donating or Selling Your Clothes

As mentioned throughout the guide you'll have three choices to make; recycle, sell or donate.

Let's start with the third of these – Donating.

Many charity shops will take all kinds of clothes you have to offer, as long as they're still in a good enough condition to be sold and worn by others. They don't want scraps – They want clothes that will genuinely attract buyers and shift from the hangers.

You should also endeavor to clean the clothes before passing them on and ensure any shoes are paired and tied together by the laces.

Charity Links

Now let's take a look at which charities have shops or will collect your donations.

The following are just some of the charities with shops up and down the country, so visit their website to find out their nearest store:

Then there are charities that'll collect your unwanted clothes in a house-to-house visit. These include, but are not limited to:

Cash for Clothes Links

If you want to sell your clothes and make a small amount of money in the process, you can do this to. There are plenty of businesses that would be willing to buy your clothes, and most simply pay depending on weight. Remember, if you have any premium items such as designer clothes or wedding dresses, you would be better off selling them privately on a website such as eBay or Gumtree.

There are both national and local businesses ready to buy your clothes. Check out the Yellow Pages or search online for local shops. Some of the national buyers include:

Clothes Recycling Links

Your third option is to recycle the clothes, often chosen by those whose clothes are beyond repair, faded or simply of no use to anyone else. By recycling your clothes you'll ensure the materials are used again in the future to create other products, using less energy and helping out the environment.

There are many places to take your old clothes for recycling too. Most waste disposal tips have a designated recycling area you can take them. Some supermarkets also have collection bins for clothes and other textiles.

To find your nearest recycling centre, simply visit the government's dedicated page:

You can also use Recycle Now's dedicated tool to not only find out your nearest location for textile recycling, but all other products around the home.